Comet Preblast – Keep Pushing
June 12, 2018
Oldies but Goodies
June 12, 2018

Stronger Together

  • When: 06/12/2018
  • Q: Holy Toledo
  • Pax: (WELCOME Amber Marie ANCHOR) Mama Moose, Runt Runner, Fosse, Ivory, Gears, Bonfire, and Crayola .

Tuesday, June 12th FiA Workout at Rivercrest Park, 9:00am

9 Strong Pax, 1 FNG

10 baby squats
5 inch-worms

The Thang
Cones Placed 15 feet apart
• Bear Crawl between Cones, stop on one end complete 8 pushups and then Crawl Bear (backward Bear Crawl) and complete (8 Squat Jumps). Continue Pattern Bear Crawl forward and backward between cones with 7,6,5,4,3,2, and then 1 of each exercise. (squat pulse waiting for the 6th). We completed a total of 36 push-ups and 36 jump squats.

• Run Forward between cones, stop on one end to complete 8 Burpees, Run Backwards completing 8 Mountain Climbers (both legs count as 1). Continue this pattern between cones until count down of 1 for each exercise is reached. (Plank waiting for the sixth) 36 total Burpees, 36 Total Mountain Climbers.

10 min. AMRAP
Cones set up in a star, 4 cones set 40yrds from center cone. Each cone was assigned an exercise.
Tricep push-up = center cone
Jump Lunge
Plank Jack
Regular Squat to a leg lift (both legs)
Sumo Squats to a Calf Raise

Pax members started at the center cone with 1 push-up and continued counting up after running to each cone always returning to the center cone – counting up to 20 and starting over.

Line Up Mats side by side (long side)
– slowly and low side step to the right around mats, until burpee is called, continue
– slowly and low side step to the left until burpee is called, continue
– Duck Walk forward around mats, until jump squat is called
– Duck Walk Backward until Star Jump is called
– Plank walk to the left, until push-up is called, continue
-Plank walk to the right, until push- up is called, continue


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