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September 21, 2018
Summit Preblast (for Mon)-Ode to Florence
September 21, 2018

Sporty 40

  • When: 09/21/2018
  • Q: Comet
  • Pax: Mosey, Robot, Nola, Fury, Tech, Diver, Excel, Teacher

Since Nola was finally back from Nola to do her BIRTHDAY BURPEES (her 40th was on Monday), I thought let’s run with the theme & make it a whole 40th inspired workout.

We warmed up with “Celebration” by Kool & the Gang. Do a 1/2 burpee every time they say Celebrate or Celebration. We rotated between jump rope, butt kickers, and jacks during the rest. I did NOT disclose that the song was just shy of 5 minutes until the end:)

The Thang: 40 exercises for 40 seconds each with 10 second “rest” (who were we kidding…that was just enough time to transition right to the next one). They were:
Jump Squats
Mountain Climbers
Tricep Dips
1/2 Burpees (again)
Skull Crushers
Plie Pulses
High Knees
Lunge Pulse L
Lunge Pulse R
Plank Jacks
Monkey Humpers
Side Plank L
Side Plank R
Squat Jacks
Calf Raises
V Ups
Shoulder Taps
Brooke Burkes
Low Country Crab Boil
Butt Kickers
Air Presses
Jump Rope
Squat Kicks
Inchworm Pushups
Reverse Plank
Moroccan Nightclub
Power Planks
Donkey Kick L
Donkey Kick R
Toe Touch Crunches
Plank Up/Down
Criss Cross Pickups
Broad Jump Shuffle Back
Bear Crawl

We did our 40 Birthday Burpees and finished exactly on time…Woot Woot!! Happy Birthday Nola!!

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