October 10, 2018
4 Quarters of Fun
October 10, 2018

Spooky Cardio

  • When: 10/10/2018
  • Q: Saturn and Holy Toledo
  • Pax: Thank you to Taz, Sunrise, Zen, Islander, Double Shot, Tip-Toe, Double-Scoop, Cork, Mama, Old School, Trifecta, Queen Bee, Zinnia, Nurse Ratchet, Nip Tuck, Chick-fil-A, Titanium, Nitro, Dr. Dolittle, Mud, Silhouette, Nomad, Brandy Bunch, Hoops, and Allegro!

🎃27 pax, 1 FNG (welcome Susan, “Tip-Toe”) came together on this Warm Wednesday Morning For a Spooky Workout!

It was scary how hard these ladies worked this morning. Shout out to our two Ghosts that landed on #4 and #7 in the circle and could yell out Boo at any time for a Burpee to be performed.

We started off with 22 minutes of straight cardio, switching exercises every 30 seconds, with NO breaks!

Set 1* Boxer Shuffle ​*Twist and Punch Side to Side
Set 2 *Jump Rope *3 High Knees with a Pause
Set 3* High Knees​ *Jumping Jacks
Set 4 *Ventral Jacks *​Fly Jacks
Set 5 * Stutter Jacks​ *Squat Half Jacks
Set 6 *Plank Jacks​ *Power Jacks (touch toes, to a power jack)
Set 7* Power Skips (Left)​ *Power Skips (Right)
Set 8 *Touch Cone Fast Side-to-Side​ *Toe Touch (fast feet on Cone)
Set 9 * Jump over Cone Left to Right *​Squat Jumps
Set 10 *Regular Squats. *​Pulse Squats
Set 11 * Squat with Side Leg Lift​ *Frog Squats
Set 12 *Star Jumps​ *Plank (1 minute)
Set 13 *Tuck Jumps​ *Squat back leg lift
Set 14 *Burpee to a Squat Hold​ *Burpee to squat Hold with Push-up​
Set 15 * Full Burpee ​ *Plank, Shoulder Tap
Set 16 *Jumping Jack​High Knees
Set 17 *3 High Knees with Pause​ *Jump Rope
Set 18 *Twist and Punch Side-to-Side​ *Boxer Shuffle
Set 19 *Full Sit-up​ *V-ups
Set 20 *Russian Twists ​ *Plank touch Toes
Set 21 * Burpee Star​ *Burpee Frog Jump
Set 22 Hold 1 minute Plank

🎃A Halloween themed workout would not be the same without 🍫🍬🍭candy and a bag with a giant hand🤚. So…. of course Saturn had candy and a giant hand on deck for the next phase of our workout. Each pax reluctantly or excitedly (you choose) took turns (although most were hoping for a starburst) reaching their paws 🐾 into the bag and pulled out a piece of Halloween Candy. The candy corresponded to an exercise. Although we had a list, I would be remiss not to mention, that Taz memorized each candy and what exercise it correlated to in about 3.2 seconds flat.

Smarties = Jump Lunges x10
Snickers = Star Jacks x10
M & M’s = Mountain Climbers x10 (I am pretty sure we did 500 mountain climbers)
Twix= Push-Ups x10
Tootsie Roll = Crunches x10
Starburst = Burpees x10
Jolly Ranchers = Pulse Squats x10

Lastly, to get in shape, so we can keep up with our kids on Halloween night we did a 5 min. Toe Tap/Toe Touch/fast feet on curb Indian Run. The Pax took turns sprinting from one end of the giant line to the next until all members had a turn. 🏃‍♀️

We ended as always in our COT, naming our FNG. Great job to Saturn Andrea Altenburg (she led her first ruck with Old School Karen Hehl this past Monday, led her first boot camp today, and is going solo on Friday). I am not sure I can endorse this type of behavior … but upon speaking to Saturn, she said “GO BIG OR GO HOME.” This may be her motto and topic of our next COT. Stay tuned!

THIS SATURDAY IS OUR FIRST FiA 5k … please check our page for details and/or reach out to Taz!

Have a Great Day Everyone!!! 💕

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