Getting a Little Misty
February 14, 2018
Valentine’s Day Sweet Heart Workout
February 14, 2018

Showing the FiA Love

  • When: 02/14/2018
  • Q: CWR
  • Pax: Lederhosen, Peloton, Megaphone, Streaker, Steel, Lighthouse, Flying Pig, Cabbie

Although the main topic of our Valentine’s Day WO was Shaun White’s gold medal…we really showed the love for each other and our bodies.

Warm up-
Butt kickers
Arm Circles – front and back
Open and close your gate

Run to Unity Parking Lot
“Show your partner some love!”
We did 90 sec. of the following exercises with a partner.
Mirroring Lateral Side Shuffles
High 5 Burpees
Straight arm plank claps (we checked off today’s 90s plank)

Run to Baptist Lot:
“Work on your heart” 14 IC
H – hips – Clams
E – equilibrium – Deadlifts
A – arms – Tricep Dips
R – rear – Donkey Kicks
T – tush – Goddess Squats

Run to Wall Lot-
“HITT for Your Heart”
30s Mountain Climbers
60s Tricep Dips

30s High Knees
60s Wall Sit (getting ready for March)

30s Star Jumps
60s Side Lunges

Run back to WEP

2 miles and lots of LOVE! Thank you ladies for joining me. Love those around you today!

“If you have a good friend, no matter how much life is sucking, they can make you laugh.”


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