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April 16, 2018
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April 16, 2018

Schoolhouse Rocks

  • When: 04/16/2018
  • Q: Shred
  • Pax: Animal, Producer, Chaos, Vegas Baby

So we tried something new today and it was tough. We worked new muscles, did a few different exercises that we were not used too, and of course got a lot of good laughs in. I think the resistance bands were a hit and I cannot wait to work with them again.

We started our warm-up with Toy Soldiers, Windmills, and Arm Circles to get us loose. Then we broke out the bands and went to work!!

This workout included Days 7 & 8 of our ab/leg challenge.


Arms side by side near hips/ band above wrists lateral raise then move one arm backward

Arms at 90/ band above wrists open close arms-bent lateral raise

Arms at 90/ band at elbows in front of face pull open and close

Arms overhead/ band on the wrist- bend elbows out and make the band go behind the head

Plank position/ band above wrist- step out a hand then do a push-up

Tricep extension/ hold band in one hand and touch that hand to shoulder- press down with other

Lateral pull down/hold the band in hands above head- pull one side down towards the floor


Legs hip width/ band above ankles squat with a step (need 20 squats for day 7&8)

Lay on back in a bridge position/ band around thighs- hold a bridge and open close knees

Legs hip width/ band above ankle-squat with a kick to the side

Clamshells each side/ band around thighs

Pointed butt lifts with the band ( need 20 for days 7&8)

Fire Hydrants with the band (need 20 for both days 7&8)

Heel Kicks with the band around resting knee and around shoe on other foot (need 11 for days 7&8)

Plank step out/ band around ankles

Hamstring Curls/ band around one shoe and other ankle

Abs Challenge for days 7&8

20 rollups

20 Ankle Reaches

20 Leg Lifts

11 Reverse Crunches

We did reps of 16 because, well today is the 16th!! Except for the challenge exercises, in which we did the number of reps needed to complete days.

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