Monday on the move
March 5, 2018
AirRaid PB: Tabata Tuesday
March 5, 2018

Saturday Rocks

  • When: 03/04/2018
  • Q: Hot Wheels
  • Pax: Christina-FNG, Hot WHeels, Ginger Spice, Smacknally, ACE, Half Pint, Hobbit, Magic Hat, The Defender, Volunteer

I have not Qd at Boyd Lee in a long time, it was great to utilize all that the park has to offer! We have had some crazy wind in ENC and it was still blowing Saturday morning. Thank goodness for the SUNSHINE!

Here is what went down

Waking up with:

Jumping Jacks IC

Arm Circles

5 Burpees

Butt Kicks IC

Next up:

Run to wall and hold a wall sit until all PAX are in position at the wall.

Run back and complete 5 burpees, 10 pushups, 15 big girl sit-ups. Run back to wall and hold wall sit until all PAX are in position. REPEAT x 5.

Run to rock pile and get a rock, not a dinky one! Line up and puss/toss rock in air from the chest. Lunge to rock and repeat to second tree and back.

2 lines facing one another and hold rock out with straight arms. Once you drop rock hold plank until 1 lady is left. That lady was our FNG!!

Run around track back to start.

PAX choice core work for 10 minutes.


Welcome to FiA The Rock! She got named from beating out the other PAX during our hold your rock challenge!


Ended in COT with name o Rama!

Keep coming back and doing good work ladies!

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