Runner’s Core Workout w/ Side Track Sprints

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June 11, 2018
Getting Dino-Sore!
June 11, 2018

Runner’s Core Workout w/ Side Track Sprints

  • When: 06/11/2018
  • Q: Picker
  • Pax: OBX, Sifter, Rebecca (FNG now known as Venti)


Cherry Pickers 10 (IC)

20 Calf Raises

Wide V Sit and Walk hands from one side to the other

30 Butt Kickers

20 Star Jacks


Core Exercises for Runners

Modified Bicycle- 40 total

Plank- 1 minute

Butt Bridges- (30)

Side Plank with Lateral leg raise- (15 each side)

Modified Bird Dog- (40 total)

Supine Leg Lift- (Lie on back, staying up on forearms, lifting leg) 15 on each side

Lateral Leg Raises- 20 on each side

Clam Shells- (Lie on right side with knees together, thighs at 45 degrees, knees bent at 90 degrees, don’t move pelvis)

(25 on each side)

Hip Thrusts- Lie on your back, weight on upper back, bend legs at knee, lift one leg and thrust upward (20 on each leg)

Side-Step Shuffle- take 10 steps laterally in one direction, then take 10 steps back to starting position (5 reps)

Pistol Squats- One-legged squats (try 8 on each side)

Hip hikes- Stand on your right foot, drop left side so its several inches below the right side of pelvic bone (15 on each side)

Iron cross- Lie on back with arms out at your sides, swing right leg over your torso and up to your left hand (15 on each side)


Side Track Sprints

  1. Sprint down quickly to first cone.
  2. Light jog back
  3. Sprint down quickly to second cone.
  4. Light jog back
  5. Sprint down quickly to third cone.
  6. Light jog back
  7. Sprint down quickly to fourth cone.
  8. Finish light jog around the rest of the track, back to basketball court.


COT- Devotion- Satan’s target is your mind and his weapon is lies.  Fill your mind with God’s word.  Romans 8:6 “For to set the mind on the flesh is death, but to set the mind on the Spirit is life and peace.”

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