Rucking+Bear Crawls+Burpees=Staying Warm in 15 degrees

AirRaid PB: halfway through January
January 14, 2019
Orange Cone Workout!
January 14, 2019

Rucking+Bear Crawls+Burpees=Staying Warm in 15 degrees

  • When: 01/14/2019
  • Q: Swank
  • Pax: Holy Toledo, Chick fil A, Nurse Ratchet, paws, Flash, Edward, Mud, Suduko, Old School, Cork, Jack, Nomad, Titanium, Wings, Amigo, Hoops, Allegro, and Stretch

Warm up: One lap
The Thang:
3 stations: We repeated each station for 6 minutes and rotated to each station twice.

Station #1: Rucking with a 10lb ruck sack and carrying coupons weighing between 10 and 60lbs.

Station #2: 10 Pushups, 10 squat jumps, 10 lunges (both legs), 10 mountain climbers (both legs), 10 burpees

Station #3: Bear Crawl 30 yards, sprint back, 10 second break, and repeat for the 6 minutes

We ended in the COT. We shared prayer intentions and ended in a with a prayer.

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