Some of this and a little of that HIIT beat down
June 17, 2019
Fri-yay Run at The Den
June 17, 2019

Roundabout – Stop #4 at Green Mile

  • When: 06/17/2019
  • Q: Fore
  • Pax: Fore, Surf, Gourmet, Whoopie, Gutenberg, Bluegrass, Volley, Pyro, Ref, Rx, Wrangler, Gadget, 10-4, Bomber, Tigress, Globetrotter, M&M, Shake N Bake, Paperjam, Juicy, Spotlight, Derby, Bracket, Otis, Hoorah, Rodeo, Breaker Breaker, Hotspot, Lake Life, Applejacks, Passport, Explorer, Burpee, Triple Play, Powderpuff, Roll Tide, Stirrup, Batter Up, Faith, Church Lady

40 PAX descended on Green Mile for Day 4 of the Roundabout. Today was all about the legs, and we used every inch of our track to work them out! But, first, we had to pay homage to everybody’s favorite FiA, Sally! After 35 minutes of leg torture, we circled back up for the most difficult part of the workout, the Namorama. Too little caffeine, too many words. It was a great morning with ladies from all over Lexington!

Sally – squat

The Thang
Follow the track around the main field, stopping at the light poles with signs. The signs list a workout to do there, as well as a way to travel until you get to the next light pole. They went a little something like this….

25 Burpees – Right Squat Shuffle
10 Jump Squats – Right Squat Shuffle
10 Squats – Wide Lunge (lunge from one side of the sidewalk to the other in a zigzag pattern)
10 Squats – Left Squat Shuffle
10 Jump Squats – Left Squat Shuffle
25 Burpees – Walk
10 Jump Squats – Lunge
10 Squats – Wide Lunge
10 Squats – Lunge
10 Jump Squats – Walk
R&R until time is up!

June 2nd New Morning Mercies
Prayer Requests
Brenda (mom of Derby’s coworker), Lynn (Tigress’s MIL), Yappers several family members

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