Oorah’s weighted workout
January 11, 2019
Play that song…
January 12, 2019

  • When: 01/12/2019
  • Q: CrabCakes
  • Pax: Juicy, Torch, Crunch, Summit, Minnie, Salty, Abuela, Zen, Supreme, CrabCakes


Start by doing 30 each, then 20 the next round, then 10

Station 1:

Reverse crunches

Heel taps

Windshield wipers

-Forward or side lunges to next station-


Station 2:

Skull crushers

Bicep curl and press

Reverse fly

-Bear Crawl to next station-


Station 3:

In and outs 

Russian twists

Cross crunches 

-Forward or Side lunge to next station-


Station 4:

Monkey humpers


Tricep dips

-Squat jumps to next station-



“Healthy living is an investment, not an expense“

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