Monday Intervals
January 22, 2018
Summit Backblast: Mini AMRAPs
January 22, 2018

Return of Tombstone Hill

  • When: 01/15/2018
  • Q: jewels
  • Pax: soto, llama, passport, bohdi, peaches, g.i. jane, buckeye, olivia (FNG), Hannah (FNG), jewels

10 PAX showed up to tackle Monday morning and the week head on! We hadn’t visited tombstone hill in a while so I thought it was time for a visit.


Warm Up: jog over to tombstone hill

The Thang:


push-ups/boat and canoe

Start at the bottom of the hill do 1 push-up run to the top of the hill and do 20 boat/canoes. Run back down the hill 2 push-ups run back up 19 boat canoes. Keep going so you always equal 21.



2 New PAX named – spike and dumbledore

Circle of Trust (COT) – Just a reminder that we are worth all this extra work we are investing in ourselves. Whether its extra work out, eating better, or just showing up! We are worth the investment.

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