Fabtabulous Workout
February 8, 2018
Bus Stop – Box Jumps
February 8, 2018

Relay Race-Middle School Style!

  • When: 02/08/2018
  • Q: Nucleus
  • Pax: Bulldog, NextStep, Surpreme, Peak, Stang, Juicy, Summit, Sky,

9 PAX came out for a fabulous Relay Workout! Teamwork kept us warm.


Sometimes it’s fun to bring field day into boot camp!

Part 1: Push-Up War
Divide the ladies up into teams of 2. If there are less than 6 people, just have 1 team.
Lay in a push-up circle and have them complete 150 total push-ups. Only one person
can be doing push-ups at a time, while everyone else is holding a plank.

They have 30 seconds before the start to decide on a tactic (each person does 10, or
each person goes to failure, etc).

Part 2: Burpee War
Same thing as above but they must complete 100 burpees.

Part 3: Race to the end.
Divide into teams again and each person is given a number and that number
corresponds to the exercise they will do (simply go up to whatever number of people are
in the group).
Person #1 goes, when they are done #2 goes and then #3 until the relay is completed.
Make it a fun competition between groups.
Once done, have them re-line up with #1 becoming #2, etc. And repeating it. The goal is
to do it as many times so that each person does each exercise.
Then who wins!!?
1. Lunge Walk Kicks
2. Bear Crawl
3. Dive Bombers
4. Slow Jacks
5. Ab Teasers


We wrapped up with stretching, devo, name-0-rama, and prayers.


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