Red, White & Sweat with a sprinkle of BTTW & Sandbags

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July 4, 2017
Workout Wednesday
July 5, 2017

Red, White & Sweat with a sprinkle of BTTW & Sandbags

  • When: 07/04/2017
  • Q: Vino
  • Pax: Vino, Night Owl, Trauma Mama, Baby Mama

Happy Independence Day!! I pray we all were safe and enjoyed our freedoms. It was a humid 95 degrees earlier but 20 minutes before we met at The Corner, there was a small rain storm roll through that dropped the temp to below 80 and gave us a breeze! There were four of us who bust it out on this fourth of July. This is how we ended our holiday…

The Warm-up:

We did the following in cadence for 17 reps

Star Jacks

Liberty Marches

Flag Flutters (flutter kicks)

Seal Claps

Flag Waves (Moroccans)

took a 76 second jog to the racquet ball courts


The Thang:

We had a party on the wall with BTTW while we listend to Miley Cyrus “Party in the USA”. We did jacks on the wall during “hands up” and “party in the USA”. Modification was wall sit and jumping jacks.

We jogged to tennis courts to celebrate 1776 style

1 Circuit

7 exercises for

76 seconds

We did

Firecracker Lunges

Soldier Sit Ups

Stars & Stripes (superman for stripes and “x” for stars)

Lt. Dans

Patriotic Push Ups

Ab Bursts

Sparkler Squats (Sumo)

We then did this round in the same tennis court area

Ab scissors

Mountain Climbers

Elbow Planks

Raggedy Anns

Imperial Walker

Calf Raises

American Hammers

1st round was 20 reps and 2nd round was 17 reps (2017)

We then jogged to rear parking lot

Don’t be a sandbagger!!

1}Circled up with our backs to each other and passed around two 30lb sandbags for 76 seconds

2}Farmer carried two sandbags three parking spots and back for 6 times

3}Then we ended with tossing a sandbag and bear crawling to it until we did three spots out and back to car trunk where we loaded them all back.

We walked 1/2 mile to flag pole to show our respect with national anthem and salute. We took prayer requests and prayed for our country. This was done as our devo tonight.


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