A Royal Repeat – Deja Vu at We Fancy in Louisville
May 19, 2018
Dirty Dozen
May 19, 2018

Rain? What Rain?

  • When: 05/19/2018
  • Q: Mary Lou
  • Pax: Noodle, Hatchet, Dewey, SUP

With storms threatening the planned workout was all under cover. But when the pax showed up it was cloudy but the rain held off. The air was thick enough to eat as we headed down to the ropes course shelter for the thang.

The Thang:

W/U was a dynamic full body warm-up consisting of things like glute bridges, adducter dips, hip flexor mobilizations, ankle mobilizations, walking lunges, side lunges and inchworms.


Round 1: Broad jump to fast feet (jump out as far as you can landing softly, fast feet shuffle back to start)

Round 2: Mountain Climber to single leg push-up (alternate which leg is up each time)

Round 3: Lateral lunge to knee drive (alternate leg each set)

I gave the pax the option of continuing with another 3 rounds of tabata or mixing it up into a Dora. Hatchet asked what a Dora was and thought it sounded easier than tabata because it involved running (that’s a 12 year old soccer player for ya!) so we gave it a go. By the end I think we all agreed it would have been easier to do more tabata!

I’m going to call this a Toddler Dora because this Dora could only count to 1.  For the sake of time each round only went to 100.

  1. Frogger Burpees
  2. Lunge Chops
  3. Skater to curtsy lunge (an unintentional nod to the royal wedding with our curtsies!)

Lastly: Merry (?) Marry (?) Mary (?)

American Hammers IC
Plank w/ Row (10 each side)
Boat/Canoe (20 OYO)

We finished out with some stretching which we NEVER do but is so important…and I might start making us do this every time I Q the workout b/c it felt great! Stretches included: cobra, cow/cat, hip flexor, lower back, standing forward bend, quad, calf, shoulders, biceps and child’s pose.

COT, name-a-rama and a leisurely walk back to the parking lot concluded our time together.

I really enjoyed sweating it out with all you ladies today! Seriously, it was so humid I felt like I had jumped in a pool!

Thanks for a great start to my day, ladies!

Mary Lou

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