Shoulders and triceps and legs – Oh My!
February 17, 2018
Foxtrot PB 2/18
February 17, 2018

  • When: 02/17/2018
  • Q: Wonder Woman
  • Pax: Fixer-Upper, Partly-Cloudy, Chocolate Chip, Straight Shooter & Wonder Woman

5 PAX strong today at Foxtrot.

Light stretching – windmills, quad stretch’s, knee pulls, cross arm stretch’s & a warm up lap around the playground together.

The Thang!

Quarter Pounder with cheese!

We grabbed a 40 pound sand baby out of the back of the truck and walked it to the football field, about 200 yards away.

Carrying the SB we did walking lunges to the 25 yard line

Drop SB & do 25 push ups

Walking lunges to the 50 yard line with SB

Drop SB & do 50 mountain climbers

Run back to staring baseline & back to the 50 yard line, pick up the sand-babies.

Walking lunges to the 75 yard line with SB

Drop SB & do 75 plank jacks

Walking lunges to the 100 yard line with SB

Drop SB & do 100 jumping jacks

Pick up the sand-baby & walk the SB back to the starting base line.


Arm workout. We walked the sand-babies up the hill to the horse rail fence. We passed the sand-baby over and under the fence with our partner. Travel the length of the fence.

Walk the SB back to the truck. Place sand-babies back in the back of the truck.


Quarter Pounder Abs, abs, abs!

Bicycles 25

Russian Twists 50

Plank 75

Pilates 100

Round of ab exercise done 2X

We finished out our hour beat-down with a victory lap around the playground track together to stretch it all out.


Nameorama, well wishes for all the ladies for the week and safe travels to Partly Cloudy on her vacation.


~ Chocolate Chip worked out hard today after her two week break with the flu and struggle to get over crud.

~ Fixer-Upper killed it all day today completing every exercise strong & pushing us to kept up.

~ Smooth Operator knows her body and decided not to carry the extra weight. She did all the exercises with out & cheered us on while we used our heavy weight.

~ Partly-Cloudy came out this morning & made it happen even though she is heading out of town for family vacation. She came with a great attitude and killer the whole beat-down.

Wonder Woman_GA
Wonder Woman_GA
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