January 14, 2019
Pick Your Distance
January 14, 2019

Pyramids of Legacy

  • When: 01/14/2019
  • Q: Jennifer Ogle (Dominos)
  • Pax: Excel 0.0, Bank you Ma’am, Bella, Felix, Jambo, Recess, Electric City, Model T, BB (Respect), Triple Falls, Squints, Patagonia, Hammer, Peanuts, Regroup, Dominos

15 PAX joined me for my first Q at Legacy. It’s was chilly and damp so we joined under the shelter and got right to it. We perforemed 5 sets each with two exercises per set, starting with 14 reps per exercise then decreasing 13:13, 12:12, etc. down to 1:1 per exercise then on to the next set for the same upside pyramid.

14 Jumping Jacks / 14 Pushups

14 Squats / 14 Skaters

14 Crunches / 14 Russian Twists

14 Tricep Dips / 14 Step ups

14 weighted star crunches / 14 Mountain Climbers

Prayers / Praises: Felix’s son starts Greenville Tech; Jambo’s patient, David, passed away.

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