September 28, 2018
National Good Neighbors DAY
September 29, 2018

Pumping Iron

  • When: 09/28/2018
  • Q: Kimpossible
  • Pax: Globetrotter, Triplecrown, Frozen, Cakeboss, Cricut, Warrior

Warm up in cadence:

20 jumping jacks, 10 seal jacks, 10 high knees, 10 butt kickers

Workout: with weights

Sets of 30 seconds on, with 5 seconds of rest. Three rounds each then 10 burpees after the set is done. (We completed five sets and four rounds of burpees 🙂

Set 1: Bicep curls going narrow and wide, Tricep behind the neck

Set 2: Front squat (weights on shoulders), dead lifts

Set 3:Push-ups, Renegade rows (push up position with alternating arms pulling back)

Set 4: Alternating front lunge with twist (toward front foot side),Curtsy lunge with hammer curl

Set 5: Chest fly (lying on back), Back fly (standing with knees bent and back straight)


Weighted alternating star crunches

Weighted grave diggers (side plank, reach under, extend up)


This workout was a Hot Tamali special. It was a challenge, but I was so proud of all the Pax for pushing hard and rising to the challenge! Way to go!! Fia strong!



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