Deconstruct a Burpee? Yes Please!
September 6, 2017
Sally x 5??
September 6, 2017

Pull ups, push ups and planks

  • When: 09/06/2017
  • Q: Java Mama, Vino
  • Pax: Java Mama, Vino, Carmen San Diego, Passport, Hot Tamale, Price Check, Double Take, House Guest, Runway, Parole, Chicken Leg, Shutterfly, Giddy Up, Premium, Bookie, Fixer Upper, Glacier, Anchor, Roadie, Cookie Boss, Hot Nana

21 of my favorite ladies came to the park to play this morning. We definitely got to enjoy some more fall like weather as we started our hump day off dark and early. It was nice to have Double Take back this morning. We sure do miss our ladies when they are gone. We sure were missing some of our hardcore ladies this morning too. Hopefully, they’ll be back Friday for fun with Fixer Upper! Let’s get to the good stuff—

Warm up with Vino 😉

10 IC Arm Circles (front and back)
5 push ups
10 Calf Raises
5 push ups
10 IC Richard Simmons
5 push ups
10 crockpot squats

The Thang

Jog to playground side for second serving of Vino

5 surrenders
10 assisted pull ups
15 peter parkers/plank jack for round 2
20 sumo squats
25 raggedy anns
30 imperial walkers
1 minute wall sit with bicep curls/BTTW round 2 option
5 Surrenders
10 Assisted pull ups

Mosey back to front for coffee time aka Java Mama!!

Side shoulder raise 10x
Front shoulder raise 10x
Rear shoulder raise 10x
L shoulder raise 20x
Arnold press 20x
Bicep curls 15x
Outside curls 15x
Tricep kickbacks 15x
Tricep extensions 15x
1 min Plank
20 Russian twists
20 bicycle crunches
10 one arm toe crunch left
10 one arm toe crunch right
45 sec plank
20 mountain climbers
20 reverse crunches
10 cross leg crunch left
20 cross leg crunch right
30 sec plank
10 never cross dollys
100s flutter

Count off/Name-o-rama


Prayer Requests
Price Check and her family
All those in Hurricane Irma’s path
Hot Tamale and her family still
Many unspoken

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