September 17, 2018
Missed by Florence
September 17, 2018

PSA: Check all pockets before doing laundry

  • When: 09/17/2018
  • Q: Cake Boss
  • Pax: Kim Possible. Globe Trotter, Sunshine

We started our morning empathizing with Sunshine as we recounted our “homebound during the hurricane” days in which hers consisted of trying to remove gum that had gone through both the washer and dryer.  Hence the PSA/reminder to check ALL pockets before doing laundry!  At least their clothes will be minty fresh!?!

Unsure if we were still going to have rain this morning, I planned the majority of the workout to take place under the portico of the church where we made good use of the steps.  All the rain brought on by hurricane Florence brought Noah’s Ark to mind, so we did a 2 x 2 workout – sets of 2 exercises for 2 minutes each set.  (This was not meant to minimize in any way, shape or form the devastation that so many have endured through this storm.  Our hearts were heavy for all the loss that has occurred/and unfortunately will continue to occur in the near future, and we asked for protective arms around all those affected, especially the first responders as they continue to rescue and help everyone in the areas hit hardest.)

Waist Twists / Cherry Pickers / Slow Butt-Kickers / High Knees

Jog to front of church

1 minute of each exercise x 2 exercises then rest for 30 secs before moving on to next set of 2

• Stair Toe Taps
• Incline Pushups

• Step Up and Downs skipping a step
• Burpees

• Step Up and Downs
• Incline Donkey Kicks

• Jump up steps (both feet together), jog back down
• Tricep Dips

• Bear Crawl
• Incline Spiderman Crawls

• Lunges 30 secs each side (back leg on 2nd step)
• Reverse Plank

Jog around circle

• Flutter Kicks
• Bridge-Ups (pulsing)

• Heel Taps
• Bicycles

• Heels to Heaven
• LBCs

Jog back to parking lot

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