Pre-Blast: 2016 FiAMetro FIT Test Kick-off

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January 27, 2016
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January 27, 2016

Pre-Blast: 2016 FiAMetro FIT Test Kick-off

  • When: 01/28/2016
  • Q: Wheels
  • Pax: ALL FiAs Welcome!!!

It’s that time again…a new year is here and we have all been thinking (and probably talking) about our personal goals!  What better way to set a benchmark than to join us tomorrow for the FiA Metro FIT Test tomorrow (Thursday, January 28)!

As a quick refresher, the FIT Test includes:
– 1 mile run (that’s 4 laps around the track)
– 1 minute sit-up test  
– 1 minute push-up test

Just as FiA is a “you vs. you” workout, so is the FIT Test…it is meant to offer you a baseline for where you are now (January 2016), and move you towards where you want to be!  For any FiAs who were a part of prior FIT Tests, we do have your results available if you would like to see your progress!  Send Wheels a note before or after the test…

Tomorrow there will be slips of paper and pens for you to record your results…please do not feel intimidated! Mile times range from 6:00-11:00+ minute miles.  There is a range for the sit-ups and push-ups, too!  Though it is encouraged that you start with standard push-ups, if you have to drop to your knees, you can work on setting two baselines — standard and knees!

Oh, and this would be a great time to bring a FNG…the more the merrier!  And hey, all FNGs will be able to establish a baseline from the very beginning!

Please comment below or send me a tweet (@alleypc) if you have any questions…use #FiAMetroFIT!

And following the test (usually takes ~25 minutes), there will be a mini bootcamp. Talk about getting the best of both worlds!

Finally, if you are not feeling the FIT Test, head on over to #Brickyard where Diego will lead a 45-minute bootcamp!

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