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January 12, 2019
The Mosey
January 12, 2019

Play that song…

  • When: 01/12/2019
  • Q: Pinterest
  • Pax: Fixer Upper, Trail Mix, Smooth Operator, Straight Shooter, Chocolate Chip, Diggity Dog, , Pinterest, Sugarland, Owelette, Trail Blazer, Shrinky-dink, FNGs- Bourbon, Wildcat, Tidal Wave

14 Pax came out to Foxtrot this morning for a fun and challenging workout. We had 3 FNGs… Welcome Wildcat, Tidal Wave, and Bourbon!!! Thanks for coming out on this chilly morning!

Warm-up: Arm circles and swings, two laps around the field

The Thang: 10 Songs with exercises during each song

  • Chumbawamba- Tubthumping: Jumping Jacks during song, Every time he says “I get knocked down” do a burpee
  • Eminem, Rihanna-  Love the way you lie: Rihanna sings= LBCs, Eminem raps= Mt. Climbers
  • U2- Sweetest thing- Side shuffle holding sandpup during song, “Sweetest thing”= thruster with sandpup
  • The Police- Roxanne: Tricep hold on bench and do alternating lateral foot taps, “Roxanne”= Tricep dip
  • Moby-Flower: holding sandpup entire time, Sally down is squat and hold until he says Sally up
  • Foo Fighters- Best of you: Donkey kicks during song, “Best”= Merkin
  • Eiffel 65-Blue: Skaters during song, “blue” do a 1/2 burpee
  • Black Keys- Howling for you: dead lift holding sandpup during song, “howlin for you” 3 overhead presses
  • Florence and the Machine- Shake it out: hold the “in” position on and in and out, “Shake” legs and torso go out and back in
  • Thousand Foot Krutch-Move: holding high plank, everytime he says “move” move to the right or left alternating sides

Half way through the workout we did a short lap around the playground to get warmed up again. Everyone modified as needed but kept moving!

Ended with COT and naming some FNGs. 

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