Go Disney 4 Rapunzel Workout
June 26, 2017
Billy Joel BB – Hills, Bands, Hills
June 27, 2017

Pineapple Upside down

  • When: 06/27/2017
  • Q: Flash
  • Pax: Charlotte, Bridges, Ninja Warrior, Raphael, Mama Bear

Before we jumped into our upside down pineapples, we began our warmup with some butt kickers and high knees. We hold a squat position and bring our shoulders in ea side at a time pushing on our inner quads, follows by front-center-back reaches between our legs.

The Thang…

We did two rounds of two minutes of each excercise below with a 30 s plank in between each one.

1. Dumb bell front raise and lateral raise (squat between)

2. Wall Sit Arnold dumb bell press

3. Plank Rows with dumb bells

4. Bosu ball burpee (we pick up the bosu ball and jump with it and rhen balance our push up on it)

I can’t leave cardio out of my life so we added some speed drills switching right, left, opening wide and moving side to side as fast as possible. We did four rounds of 30s and ran to a wall and either walk out feet up the wall or used our arms to balance up in a single move (we counted together to 10)

Sneaked in some abs before moving to Namorama and stretches (25 ea)

Swimmers, flutter feet & chop crunches.

Ended up with some upper body stretches, including child’s pose and cobra. Finished with some shoulder and back stretches on our knees, laying our arms across our body .

We welcomed our FNG Mamma Bear during warm up and totally missed my words of wisdom this morning (ran out of time)

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