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May 15, 2018
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May 15, 2018

Physical Fitness Assessments – Round 3

  • When: 04/28/2018
  • Q: G.I. Jane
  • Pax: Msfari, Peaches, Mona Lisa, Sangria, Techie, Soto, Jewels

In this, the third installment of physical fitness assessments, the women of Riveter Station showed up to mark their current fitness levels on a variety of exercises. We do these PT tests every 3 months to give our women objective data to see changes in their progress. We also encourage our PAX to take other measurements to assist in evaluating their progress like body measurements, notes on how they feel, and photographs.


Warm up

BAC – forward

BAC – backward

High Knees

Calf and leg stretches

Warm-up on your own

The Thang: PT Test #3 at Riveter Station

Women completed and we recorded the following:

  1. Number of Push-Ups completed in 1 minute;
  2. Number of Sit-Ups completed in 1 minute;
  3. Number of Tricep Dips completed in 1 minute;
  4. Length of time to complete a 1 mile run.

For the PT test, women are encouraged to do as many as possible in the alloted time. For Push-Ups and Sit-Ups, women are allowed to drop to a modified P/U or a crunch when they can do no more standard movements. We believe this is important in showing future growth.

COT/Thoughts & Prayers for the day


The Skinny

We all groan at the mention of another PT test. I know, I feel it too. It’s not our most fun workout. It feels a bit like being graded. We worked out for 3 months and now there is this test and we want to do well. What happens if we do? What happens if we don’t? Honestly? It depends on you. Neither a “good” performance or a “bad” performance are inherently either – the good/bad comes from what you do with the information you are given after the assessment. Taking your foot off the pedal, whether because you think you are good enough OR you did poorly and you think you are not, doesn’t help anyone – least of all you.

Here at FiA we work hard and we play hard. We are always climbing the mountain. Never backing down.


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