A Sweaty Good Time at the Nest….plus, some deep thoughts
June 15, 2016
BB: Jerribou Fun
June 15, 2016

PB: Get Your Bandit On

  • When: 06/16/2016
  • Q: Pocahontas
  • Pax: More = Merrier

The May edition of the Bandit Run is upon us. We will meet at the Gold Man tomorrow at 5:10am – no AG track.

Per usual, we will take off in waves based on target pace aiming to arrive back around 6/6:05.

5:10 – arrive, stretch, hear the drill
5:15 – Wave 1 = 4 milers running over 10 minute pace and 5 milers running 9 and over
5:20 – Wave 2 = 4 milers running 10 and under plus 5 milers running 8-9 minute pace
5:25 – Wave 3 = 5 milers running sub-8

Anyone electing to try the Mothership Heat may leave with Wave 1.

It’s going to be a muggy one, so plan accordingly.

See you in the a.m.!


  1. Favre says:

    How does the Mothership heat work? Veer off on one certain road to head to it and then back on the regular Bandit route?

  2. Pocahontas says:

    Yep! You will take a right on Caldwell and then curve around TWC Arena when you hit 5th. Hello, Mothership. After a trip or two, continue up 5th to College. Take College through the Green to Tryon, Morehead, home.

    Sounds like we have a taker?

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