March 23, 2019
Quarter Pounder with Cheese!
March 23, 2019

PayDay Backblast: Upper Body Strength

  • When: 03/22/2019
  • Q: Splits
  • Pax: Hoops, Code Blue, Mad Town, Yo Adrian, TeFiti, Thunder

There were seven pax at Pay Day this week. We did a mostly upper body strength workout. Here’s how it went down…

10IC – Windmill, Toy Soldier, Cotton Picker
5 Inch Worms
Arm Circles & Swings

The Thang:
1. Reps were 20, 18, 16, 14, 12, 10 and the exercises were Shoulder Press, Sit Up, Deadlift

2. “Pinky Pie” (named after my daughter because she created it): Complete one push-up, then one tricep dip. Continue this while you increase reps by one – 2 push-ups, 2 tricep dips…3 push-ups, 3 tricep dips… Continue until you complete 10 reps of each.

3. 12 reps & 3 rounds of the following strength circuits:
a. bicep curl w/side raise, overhead tricep extension, db row
b. chest flye in bridge, bicycles IC, upright row
c. reverse flye, russian twists (2:1), sumo squat w/calf raise

Abs: 30 seconds of each. It was supposed to be 2 rounds (4:00) but we only made it 1.5 rounds (3:00)
LBC, Flutter kicks, Scissors, Cross Crunch

Moleskin: I haven’t been at FiA for a week because I hurt my foot. I missed it so much. Since it was my first day back I made it foot friendly and invited Thunder out as well (knee-injury). We had been texting about how much we hate missing workouts. I think it was the only workout that I’ve lead without any cardio in it. It was a little strange not having cardio in there but it was so great to be back out there with the pax. It’s tough getting up some mornings but it’s such a great way to start the day with strong, motivating women at my side. #bettertogether

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