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May 16, 2019
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May 17, 2019

Payday Backblast: Like the pendulum…

  • When: 05/17/2019
  • Q: Yo Adrian
  • Pax: Hoops, Tefiti, Spike, Native

we ran back and forth – with stations!
But quick warmup first…
Did a mashup of j’jax, into skaters, then butt kickers, lastly CDD’s.

Jog, like doing the mini-block.
Stop at the corner, where Hugh meets Wynfield Creek = Station A (mtn climbers).
Station B = rockpile (grab a rock – squat&press)
Station C = stop sign down the hill (plank jax)
Station D = street light up the hill (near circle)(burpees)

The pattern:
A: 5 reps – run to B
B: 5 reps – run to C
C: 5 reps – run to D
D: 5 reps – run to C
C: 10 reps – run to B
B: 10 reps – run to A
A: 10 reps – run to B
B: 15 reps – run to C
C: 15 reps – run to D
D: 15 reps – run to C…continue back and forth until 30 reps.

A = 65 mtn climbers
B = 105 squat&press
C = 105 plank jax
D = 45 burpees
Running, approx. 1.45 miles.

Pax fell out here and there…so it was Hoops and I in the end.

Our finisher:
30 LBCs
30 heels2heaven w/leg lifts

Thank you to those who joined me this AM – glad the word ‘run’ didn’t frighten off folks.
Reminder – Sunday Social! 3:00 mini golf, for those who RSVPd. Others feel free to join us afterwards at Boat Yard Eats (across the street, on corner) for a drink or snack.
Enjoy the weekend!

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