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May 1, 2018
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May 1, 2018

PayDay Backblast: Duck… Duck… FIA

  • When: 04/27/2018
  • Q: Strike
  • Pax: Half and Half, Spike, Rapunzel, Off 5th, Espin, Megaphone, Hoops, Native, Strike

There were 9 ladies that showed up to play a couple of school yard games.

The Warm Up

We completed the entire workout at the traffic circle inside the clubhouse area. We started with Ostrich walks and toy soldiers  around the circle.

The Thang

Duck, Duck, FIA: This was similar to the original game of duck, duck, goose. We were spread out around the circle. Everyone in the circle did one exercise while the goose ran around and selected the next goose. Instead of the person they selected chasing them, they had to do 5 burpees and choose the next goose as they took a lap around the circle.  The round ended after everyone had the opportunity to be a goose. This sounds way more complicated to read than it was to perform.

Plank leg lifts

Monkey Humpers


Fire Hydrants


Calf Raises

Ring Around the Rosie: The group did a round of ring around the Rosie after each complete round of Duck, Duck, FIA We completed on exercise around the circle and one down on our mat together.


Mountain Climbers


Plank walk / flutter kicks

Lunges / push ups

Bear crawl/ Inner thigh

Squat Walk/ Inner thigh

The Moleskin

This workout was a repeato from my retail therapy days. It was fun and we were able to grasp the concept quicker this time so next time I will have to make the exercises a little harder. Thanks for working out with me.




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  1. I love your duck, duck, FiA – I will definitely be borrowing that! 🙂 – Partly Cloudy, FiA Alpha Foxtrot

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