The Valley 10/17 Backblast
October 19, 2018
Payday Backblast: Fall Strength
October 19, 2018

Paula Abdul Workout

  • When: 10/18/2018
  • Q: Mama Moose
  • Pax: Anchor, TieDye, Ivory, Paula - The Flash, Jake from State Farm, Jazzy, Megaphone, Katie - Wonderwall, Christina - Sea Salt, Baisley, Toodles, QB, Scalpel, Pretty Penny, Bonfire, Runt Runner, Forest

The soft-launch of Woodland School in Perrysburg had double the pax in the 2nd week of workouts!  The good word of FiA is spreading…and the women really had a good time along with a good workout on Thursday evening.  All kinds of booty-busting workouts were had in a variety of styles including racing & core work with pumpkins…and line work themed to Paula Abdul’s Opposites Attract song.  We did multiple exercises moving 2 lines forward, and 1 line back across the field = 100 exercises on each leg, each round!  The photos do not begin to show the beautiful surroundings, and beautiful women that come out to get stronger together.


The Thang:

Warm ups in Cadence– 3 pulse lunges, skiers, side lunges.

With 3 pumpkins at the top of the hill…start at the bottom all together & sprint to the top.1st pax to each pumpkin has 5 ‘BOO’ (star) jumps to complete, all pax do 10 toe taps on a pumpkin and run back down to the start x 3 continuous rounds

Paula Abdul- Opposites attract… using glowing cones to make 6 lines:
2 lines forward, then 1 line back…continue to cones using these exercises:
run forward – 20 squats, run backward – 20 squat jacks
Side shuffle forward 20 right side kicks, shuffle back 20 left side kicks
Forward Lunges – 20 rt knee pull ins, lunge backward – 20 left knee pull ins

Circle up for abs using 4 pumpkins (depending on the size of the group, approx. 1 pumpkin per 3 or 4 pax) as weight to pass. Each round can finish after starting pumpkin has made its way around, or if time is short & group is large, after each pax has had 2 pumpkins go by:
Round 1 – pax – down dog ankle touches while 1 pax does 10 dead lifts with weight then passes to the next pax
Round 2 – pax – leg lifts while 1 pax does 10 Russian twists with pumpkin


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