Partner Fun Workout with Abdominal Countdown

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April 15, 2018
Getting Stronger Each Day
April 16, 2018

Partner Fun Workout with Abdominal Countdown

  • When: 04/12/2018
  • Q: Picker
  • Pax: Salsa, Stroller, Cha-Ching, Two-Step, Boomer, Busy Bee, Mother Hen


Windmills 15 (IC)

10 Arm Circles Forward (IC)

10 Arm Circles Backward (IC)

Squat Hold (3 Count) 10 Times

20 Toy Soldiers

Cherry Pickers 10 (IC)

Neck Roll



Get a partner for PARTNER FUN RUN with WEIGHTS

One runs/walks left, and other runs/walks right.  Each of you carry a weight.  Where you meet do the following exercises:

30 partner plank hand claps

Sit down back-to-back and pass the weight 20 times around (Russian Twists)

Repeat when you meet again

2nd Lap

30 Partner squat claps

20 Overhead presses


Abdominal Workout Countdown by Fives

40 Butt Bridges

35 Mountain Climbers

30 Brooke Burkes

25 Supines

20 V Ups

15 Merkins

10 Alternating Leg/Arm Raises

5 Windshield Wipers

REPEAT (if necessary)



Ecclesiastes 3:1-8  God’s Timing is Perfect (Two years ago we were running late and ended up avoiding a rock slide.  God is always in control and I realized being late was a good thing.  God kept us from being injured or killed that day.)  There are seasons in our life, good and bad, and we just have to trust in God always.


Picker managed to make it an interesting evening.  She had to chase down her workout due to high winds.  She lost her phone, but Cha-Ching found it, and she confused everyone by calling out one warm-up exercise while doing another.

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