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October 25, 2018
Sneaky Teacup Squats and More
October 25, 2018

Paradise (or not) on Burpee Island

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6 PAX joined me this clear and cool morning- Bagheera, Helium, VanGogh (Respect), Crisco, Breezy (Respect) and Mary Lou (and Beam- Repsect) for a fun visit to Burpee Island.

Here’s What we Did:

Start at Shelter and Run around 1/2 track, stopping at various places to do 1 of the following exercises IC:
JJ/ Imperial Walkers/ 10 Push ups/ 10 Good Mornings
Then we got started with The Thang
Paint the Line
4 lunge/ 4 squat/ grapevine
All the way to large parking lot.
Modified 4 Corners – 3 times through
All exercise x20
  1. Triceps Dips at Curb
  2. Fast Feet (R/L = 1)
  3. Monkey Humpers (in Cadence)
  4. Mtn Climbers (R/L = 1) Between each exercise run to Burpee Island– do 5 burpees and sprint to next corner/ exercise
Jack Web
1 push up- 4 arm raises
5…20 arm raises
Paint the Line
4 lunge , 4 squat, grapevine back to pavilion 
Run around 1/2 of track and back to pavilion for COT
Thought of the day:
“There are two ways to have enough- one is to continue to accumulate more and more, the other is to desire less.”
GK Chesterton 
Let’s pray to keep our focus on what’s truly important with hearts full of gratitude for what we have. God has already given us all we need for godliness and contentment right here, right now.

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