Rucking+Bear Crawls+Burpees=Staying Warm in 15 degrees
January 14, 2019
January 14, 2019

Orange Cone Workout!

  • When: 01/14/2019
  • Q: Wildcat
  • Pax: CakeBoss, Frozen, Triple Crown, Sketch, Snape, Primanti, Kimpossible, Globetrotter, Salsarita

This cold morning we warmed up with Butt kickers, high Knees and Jumping Jacks.


I set up three cones in a row about 20 feet apart.  We started in a squat at the middle cone, sprinted to the left cone, touch the cone, then turn and sprint all the way through the cone on the right.  We did this 5X then switched sides and did that 5X too.

2 Burpees

We did an L sprint…4X.

2 Burpees

Set cones up in a straight line.  We all started on the left cone side touch the cone, side jump, touch the other cone.  Back and forth 10 times. Rest.  We did 5 reps.

2 Burpees

We planked between the cones.  Touched one cone then plank walked to other cone, touch, then plank walk back.  We did this 10 times. Rest.  We did 5 reps.

2 Burpees

We started at the line of cones.  One jump forward. Two jumps back. Two jumps forward…etc.  We did this 10 times. Rest. 5 Reps.

2 Burpees – completed the 10 burpees for today!!

We then did a serpentine run through the cones then sprinted back to the beginning.  5X.


Today we prayed for Sunshine who lost her mother over the weekend.  Let us all lift her up in our prayers.

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