Genesis Backblast – Group Project
October 5, 2017
Thelma BB – Chutes and Ladders
October 5, 2017

  • When: 10/05/2017
  • Q: Oorah
  • Pax: Keys, Code, Reb, Tulip, Magnolia, Young Scrappy, Float, Peacock, Cheesy, Bait, Scoops, and FNGs Alchemy, Savasana (Shivi), Narc, & Mary Poppins

The weather was cool and beautiful this morning – just like the 16 Pax that showed up!!

WARM UP – nice and easy – 5:30 is early and we needed a little bit of yoga folding to eeeease us into those pushups and dips…

HAPPY JACKS – 4 sets of regular jumping jacks in cadence up to 5, broken up by 2 frog jumps after each set. “Happy” NOW?? [that it’s over?]

ELEVENS – partners had to do math while one did dips and the other pushups – each combo had to add up to 11. When one partner did 10, the other did 1; when one partner did 7, the other did 4, so while one partner was descending, the other was ascending, always adding up to 11.

This means we ended up doing 50 dips and 50 pushups!! Amazing work.

FOUR CORNERS – 4 groups moved between 4 stations 1.5x: We were 20x dying cockroaches, 20x fiddler crabs, 20x twisting Russians, and 20x Peter Parkers.

Some towels and mats were temporarily misplaced – but eventually found their owners. Thanks to everyone for sharing!

Finally, SPARKY CRABS – crab position, lift opposite hand to opposite foot to touch – 15x CAD

COOL DOWN – sitting twist, forward fold, rag doll, shoulder stretches….

…AND THEN A RAT RAN OUT OF THE BUSHES AND STARTLED THE LIVING DAYLIGHTS OUT OF US!! …Not embarrassing at all…even the cops stopped their patrol car to make sure everything was alright after hearing the screams…

…Sooo we migrated our COT and name-o-rama to the St Charles pillars.

Welcome to our 4 FNGs: Alchemy, Shivi, Narc, & Mary Poppins!

Positive thoughts today focused on social connection. Brene Brown says that biologically, cognitively, physically, & spiritually we are wired to love, to be loved, and to belong.

It’s possible to feel connected among a group of strangers, just as you can feel isolated and alone among friends and acquaintances.

Here at FiA, you certainly belong, you are always welcome, and we will be here for you and with you, rain or shine – every single Tues/Thurs/Sat morning.

Hopefully everyone had fun and got to know and see some new and old friends. See you next time!


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