I’m a FiA not Royalty
May 21, 2018
Where my ABS at?
May 21, 2018

  • When: 05/21/2018
  • Q: Coal Miner
  • Pax: Coal Miner, Yankee, Nutkracker, Ginger Spice, Blue Angel, Dual Legit, Zinc

Warm up:
Butt Kickers
High Knees
Toy Soldiers
Jumping Jacks I/c
Windmills I/c

The Thang:

Ran Around Main Building

1 Min Jumping Jacks
1 Min Squats
1 Min Pushups
1 Min Wall Sit using weights we did arm curls
1 Min Crunches

1 Min Squat Jumps
1 Min Alternating Lunges
1 Min Tricep Dips
1 Min Burpees
1 Min Bicycle Crunches

1 Min Squat and jab punches
1 Min Plank
1 Min Bridges
1 Min Mountain Climbers
1 Min Fire Hydrants alternate legs

Run Around the Main Building

1 Min Upright Row
1 Min Chicken Wings
1 Min Scarecrow Extensions
1 Min Side Curls
1 Min Front Extensions
1 Min Back Row

We stretched, name o rama and closed in prayer.

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