FiA Highland Creek Turns 4!
March 9, 2018
Flip-A-Coin Friday with an Abs Chaser
March 9, 2018

Never Have I Ever…

  • When: 03/09/2018
  • Q: Hoops
  • Pax: Spike, Off Fifth, Rapunzel, Thunder, TriPA, Splits, ESPN, Native, Atomic, Hoops

Warm up-
10C toy soldiers
10C cotton pickers
arm stretches

Run to the circle and back (on the way stop 5 times to do 10 push ups and 10 jump squats)

The Thang: 10 Never Have I Ever… Questions.

Question 1: “Never Have I Ever…fell while texting and walking… If Guilty–> 1 minute of tricep dips. If Not Guilty, 1 minute of push ups.

Question 2: “Never Have I Ever…spent the night in the hospital- Guilty–> 1 minute high knee skipping. Not Guilt–> 1 minute knee lunges

Question 3:… Road the trolley in uptown… If Guilty–> 1 minute of Burpees. Not guilty–> 1 minute of squats.

Question 4:…cheated on a test.. If Guilty–> 1 minute of walking lunches. Not Guilty–> 1 minute of crunches.

Question 5:…been trapped in an elevator If Guilty- 1 minute bicep curls. Not guilty- Dead lifts.

Question 6:… been screamed at by a customer at my job- If Guilty- 1 minute ice skaters. Not guilty- squat kicks

Question 7:…thrown up after or during working out- 1 minute triceps extensions. Not guilty- crab walkies

Question 8:…been to the country of Africa- 1 minute mountain climbers. Not guilty- plank jacks

Question 9:… skinny dipped-1 minute inch worms. Not guilty- reverse planks leg raises

Question 10:..been robbed-1 minute butt kicks. Not guilty- high knees

Question 11: … been in a car accident- air squats. Not guilty- plank

Question 12: talked to myself out loud in public- curb toe taps. Not guilty-curb jump ups

Question 13: cut someone’s hair- side arm raise. Not guilty- front arm raise

Question 14: faked being sick so you didn’t have to go to school- plank taps. Not guilty-plank curb up and downs

Question 15: gone to FIA 5 days in a row- Guilty-Power Jacks. Not guilty-calf raises

Question 16: watched “This is Us”- incline push-ups. Not guilty- decline push-ups.

We had time for a few abs-

1min each-
scissor kicks
heals to heaven

It was great to see everyone even on this cold morning. Thanks for sharing your stories, laughs and a great workout! We learned that not many people have ridden the trolley, church camp is a great place for skinny dipping and you shouldn’t rub poison ivy all over your body to get out of going to school! Have a fun weekend everyone.

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