Charlotte North Schedule

Highland Creek

LocationWorkout TitleDay of WeekStartEndWorkout StyleQ
Highland Creek ElementaryElementary Monday0530 am0615 amBootcampGator
Highland Creek Sports Club ParkPool Hall Wednesday0530 am0615 amBootcampComet
Highland Creek Sports Club ParkThe DungeonFriday0530 am0615 amBootcampSkitter

Lake Norman

LocationWorkout TitleDay of WeekStartEndWorkout StyleQ
LKN: Discovery Place Kids
SummitMonday0530 am0615 amBootcampESPN
LKN: Birkdale Village (Meet in front of movie theatre)
Retail TherapyTuesday0530 am0615 amBootcampFree Range
LKN: Richard Berry Park CometWednesday0530 am0615 amRunning/BootcampSplits
LKN: Discovery Place KidsGenesisThursday0530 am0615 amBootcampYo Adrian
LKN: Wynfield Forest ClubhousePaydayFriday0530 am0615 amBootcampHoops

Mountain Island Lake (On hiatus until spring, please attend another one of our FiA Charlotte North sites in the meantime)

LocationWorkout TitleDay of WeekStartEndWorkout StyleQ
Mountain Island Lake AcademySchoolhouse RocksMonday05150600BootcampChiquita
Overlook Pool 3800 Mountain Cove DrSwimming HoleWednesday05150600BootcampProducer
Mountain Island Lake AcademyFroggerFriday05150600BootcampChiquita

Wellington / Prosperity

LocationWorkout TitleDay of WeekStartEndWorkout StyleQ
Wellington Tennis CourtsServeMonday5:30 am6:15 amBootcampScratch
Wellington Tennis CourtsReturnWednesday5:30 am6:15 amBootcampIrish
Wellington Tennis CourtsGame PointFriday5:30 am6:15 amBootcampIce Mom

* Indicates soft launch – investigating demand for this time / location.

** The Q’s designated above are the FiAs responsible for organizing weekly Workout Leaders.  Workout Leaders change from week to week – keeping the workouts fresh and offering lots of leadership opportunities for FiAs.