Jukebox PB – Back at it!
June 6, 2018
Poison Ivy, Black Widow, & Harley Quinn OH MY!
June 6, 2018

National Runners’ Day Extravaganza!

  • When: 06/06/2018
  • Q: Pixel
  • Pax: 11 Pax gathered to celebrate Natn'l Runners' Day - B.B., Regroup, Pixel, Jombo, Recess, FNG Mary (Miss Bib), cougar, Broney, Tony, Excel 0.0, Sandybox,

Warm Up Inspired by Youtube Running Coach Jason Fitzgerald:

20 Jumping Jacks Cadence Count

Head to Toe Rolls 5x each

Neck, Shoulders, Hips, Knees, ankles




The Thang: Dora Style

200 Sit-ups  while partner does Suicides

200 Dips while partner does Butt Kickers down to the end of the parking lot and High Knees back

200 Bicycle Crunches while partner does Side Skips to end of parking lot and back

200 Push-ups while partner does Suicides

30 second planks while others finish


The Cool Down Inspired by Running Coach Fitzgerald

Squat with chest expander up to Praying Mantis stretch

backward bend

forward bend

Knee grabs (glute stretch)

Groin stretch



Forest fire in NM – pray for all those at the large youth camp who are displaced and that there is minimal damage to the camp so they can continue their ministry.

Sandbox’s husband in his job search

Jombo’s aunt and her family as they go through a difficult time with her uncle

Cougar’s sister who is in rehab

School mom’s as they transition into Summer

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