Batcave Preblast
January 18, 2018
January 18, 2018

My How Time “Flyes”

  • When: 01/18/2018
  • Q: Grasshopper
  • Pax: Zia, Dory

Cold is a relative term this season!  It was cold for sure, and gusty!,  when we three PAX accepted the challenge of getting up and getting out there today.

Warm Up:

  • Run to House of Pain (picnic shelter)
  • Side lunch windmills
  • River Dance
  • Jump Twist

The Thang: 2-minutes each

  • Scissor Crunches
  • Single Leg stand-ups (using bench)
  • Bridges
  • Downward Dog Leg Lift
  • Pike Jacks
  • Sit-up Superman
  • Step-ups
  • Scorpions
  • Sun Dial Push ups
  • Wall sit
  • Pull-ups (using bench)
  • Rear Delt Flyes
  • REPEAT; second round = run back to AO

COT – Name-o-rama

Accept the challenges so that you can feel the exhilaration of victory. ~ George S. Patton

There are so many days where it is a challenge to get up at “o-dark-thirty” on a freezing morning.  But, once I get moving and get to the AO and complete the workout w/my fellow PAX, I am so glad I did.  Sometimes it does feel like a little victory.

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