Whole lotta RESPECT
February 25, 2017
A little Saturday morning hodge podge
February 25, 2017

Muscle up, buttercup

  • When: 02/25/2017
  • Q: Alcatraz
  • Pax: doc solo, icarus, poker face, atlas, nitro, scrappy, mai-tai, gizelle, spit fire, the Kraken, titanium

We finally had a sunny morning here in the PNW and we took full advantage!

Warmed up with jumping jacks and mountain climbers in Cadence.

The first Partner group ran around the park pagoda and garden, while 5 other partner groups completed the following circuits:

Banded stationary sprints with high knees
Buddy battle ropes
Bicep burnouts with a barbell and alternating plate curls
Weighted side lunges
Partner Medicine ball throws with jump tucks

Ended with upper body finisher of close and wide push-ups followed by overhead arm claps.

Way to work ladies

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