Arms+Cardio Burst
June 11, 2018
Back pocket work outs can sometimes be really good ones.
June 11, 2018

  • When: 06/11/2018
  • Q: Switchback
  • Pax: Hooks, SharkBait, Joker, Zzzz (Respect), Nigeria, GreenThumb, Salsa, Summit, Legs (Respect), Moscato

Today kicks off our try at Welcome Week!  Welcoming FNGs and welcoming back PAX that haven’t been in a while.  Todays theme is #MondayBlues ~ wear as much blue as possible!

11PAX w/ 1FNG @ #TheCourt  Welcome FNG Moscato!!

Warm-Up:  Head Roll      5SC L/R             Big Arm Circles              10SC F/B
Torso Twist                           5SC                    OH Side Reach Pulse       5SC L/R
TTT                                         10IC                   Knee 2 Chest
Toy Soldiers                          10IC                   Heel 2 Butt Tap

The Thang:  Exercise:  TABATAS!  Do each exercise 20sec, rest 10sec.  Repeat Circuit before moving on to next circuit.

Circuit #1:            High Knees         Butt Kicks                 Push-Ups                         Inchworms

Circuit #2:            Jump Squats      Jumping Jacks         Front Kick                       Hook Kick

Circuit #3:            Plank Hold         3 Punch Plank           Triangle Crunch L         Triangle Crunch R

Circuit #4:            Flutter Kick       L Side Plank                R Side Plank                    Bicycles

Circuit #5:            Imperial Walker        Jump Rope         Lunge Left                      Lunge Right

Circuit #6:            Donkey Kicks       Bridge Taps               Russian Twist               Fire Hydrant

Circuit #7:            Sit-Ups                   Heel Taps                  Reverse Crunch            Cross Toe Taps

Circuit #8:            Rowers                   Swimmer                   Brook Burkes                 Supermans

Cool Down:  Few minutes of various stretches.
Devotion:  There is no better than adversity.  Every defeat, every heartbreak, every loss, contains its own seed.  Its own lesson on how to improve your performance the next time.  Malcom X.
Prayer: Lead by SharkBait, thank you!

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