Monday Night Mix Up

Cougar Town Back blast
May 1, 2017
Jerribou Preblast – The Runaround
May 2, 2017

Monday Night Mix Up

  • When: 05/01/2017
  • Q: Double Trifecta
  • Pax: Cardio, Stride, Flip It, Missions, Homerun, AED, Captain, Duces, Scalpel, MJ, Daisy, Chopper, Racket and 2.0 Grandslam FNG Amy~Speaker, FNG Charlotte~Runway, FNG Vicki~Copper FNG 2.0 Bishop~Musicly plus 4 other 2.0's

Big group of ladies showed up tonight with a handful of FNG’s. The weather was just perfect for a good beatdown!

Warm up

Jumping Jacks 10 IC


Butt kicks 10 IC

Arm circles 5 each direction IC

At the pit

Step ups 20 IC

Triceps dips 20

Single leg squats with leg propped up 10 each leg IC

To the Armory for a little Dora

Single leg over head press with bricks 100 while partner did ape crawl to and from flag pole

Plank toe taps 200 while partner shuffled back and forth

Triceps kick backs 100 while partner did high knees back and forth

We then did 11’s with bicep curls and calf raises

Finished off with a Ring of Fire (Joe Coker, Have a little help from my friends) Plank, side planks, push ups, flutter kicks and stretching… the song is 5 minutes long…I didn’t want to kill anyone lol


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