June 6, 2018
Candy Land, FiA Style
June 6, 2018

Mocktail sendoff

  • When: 06/06/2018
  • Q: Nurse Ratchet
  • Pax: FNG Alicia - Sketch, Java, Mud, Jack, Holy Toledo, Doubleshot, Dewey, Dewdrop, Zen, Swank, Betty Crocker, Chickfila and Titanium for joining me, Nurse Ratchet

1. Beach ball cardio to include burps, squats, pushups, toe taps, and weights
2. A run to the Tower for 5 minutes of alternating 20 tricep dips and box jumps
3. A run back to the Colosseum for 60 seconds of each ab exercise (rollups, bird dogs, windshield wipers, crunches, superman, crunches, plank)
4. Crab walks and bear crawls down the mats
5. COT with a toast to friendship and well wishes for Dewey and Dewdrop

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