Make Room for Pumpkin Spice!!
September 28, 2018
Batcave Backblast – My Hurricane/Hotel/Prison Cell Workout
September 28, 2018

Mixed up Mess!

  • When: 09/28/2018
  • Q: Bookie
  • Pax: Deuce, Motoryacht

Met at WCHS parking lot. Lightning showed a couple of times, but was away from us. No rain!

Warmup was 30 seconds each of high knees, jumping jacks, running in place, jump rope and skipping an area of the parking lot.

Wanted to travel all around the campus, but they are still working on repairing the school after the hurricane, so we stayed in the student parking lot.

Started with doing 10 jumping jacks at each new row of parking spaces. Then, 20 push ups over in the grass. Next, was lopsided squats off of the curb (20 each leg). 20 tricep dips on the curb. We then did walking lunges from light post to the next. Continued on with Platypus walks an area of about 20 feet. then backwards. We did those twice. Next, were suicides using two light poles (Twice). We walked over to the pull up bars and did assisted pull ups ( as many as you can do). Rest a bit and then we did them again. Next, was step ups on the benches outside the weight room for one minute. We went back to the parking lot and did a minute of lateral jumps across a line. We finished up with abs. One minute each of Russian twists, plank, bicycles, reverse crunches and crab toe touches (HARD!!). Had time for a nice stretch!

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