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May 28, 2018
The Convergence at The Bridge “Murph Style”
May 28, 2018

Memorial Day Tribute

  • When: 05/28/2018
  • Q: Jayhawk
  • Pax: Fetch, Fenway, Dispatch, Avon

Memorial Day is near and dear to my heart. I read a statistic that 1/3 of all Americans don’t know that Memorial Day is the day we stop to remember those who gave their lives in the line of duty.  Every year I make of point of sharing on social media and word of mouth the true meaning of this holiday to make that 1/3 a little smaller.  It’s important to me that Americans remember those brave men and women who died for our country so they didn’t die in vain.  Today at 3:00 pm is the National Moment of Remembrance – 1 minute of silence, if you choose to participate. 

5 PAX came out to The Nest to hear a few facts on Memorial Day and complete a sweaty and rainy ladder circuit. In honor of the date today, 05/28, we warmed up with 5 exercises 28 reps of each.

Warm-Up: 28 high knees, 28 butt kickers, 28 arm circles (14 front and 14 back), 28 bear hugs,  and 28 jumping jacks

Ladder Circuit:

  • 10 candlesticks
  • 15 star push-ups
  • 20 sit-ups
  • 25 squats
  • 30 lunges (15 each side)
  • 35 tricep kick backs
  • 40 mountain climbers (total)
  • 45 flutter kicks (total)
  • 50 jumping jacks

After each circuit round we did a 1 minute wall sit variation:

  • After round 1 we did a traditional wall sit
  • After round 2 we did a marching wall sit
  • After round 3 we did a plie wall sit

At the end of our time we stopped for a 1 minute plank moment of silence in honor of those who fought and died for us.

In lieu of a devotion I chose a poem:


By: Marion G. Mahoney


“Why do you fly the flag today?”

My grandson wants to know.

I fly it for the graveyards

Where the countless crosses grow.


I fly the flag for children

Whose fathers are a name.

A half-remembered memory

of a face within a frame.


I fly it for the families

of sons and daughters lost.

They know the price of liberty

How terrible the cost!


I fly the flag for veterans

Who lost their youth in blood.

And saw their comrades slaughtered

In the carnage and the mud.


I fly it for the ones who marched

In cadence off to war

To close their eyes forever

Upon some foreign shore.


I fly the flag for grief poured out

Upon a granite wall.

The laying-on of hands that heals

The scars within us all.


I fly it for the sound of Taps—

That melancholy tune

That lays to rest those honored dead

Who always die too soon.


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