Work Week Kick Off with Weights
October 3, 2018
Grass Fed FiA (a.k.a. Field Day)
October 3, 2018

Louise PreBlast for Oct. 4 2018

  • When: 10/04/2018
  • Q: ChiaPet
  • Pax:

I’ve go the Q at Louise tomorrow. It will be a fun USMC PT style workout with stations and running (a loop around parking lot in between exercise stations).  As the Marines said during this non stop workout at MarineWeek in Charlotte, “It hurts so good.” Mountain Mamma said today she wanted it to be really hard so be sure to thank her between burpees and the triple threat. 😉

All exercises are modifiable. If you can’t run….np. Race walk or do jump jax.  Bring gloves. We will have new FiA sample t’shirts at Louise so come at 5am before the 5:15 sweat-fest to try them on.  Important if you want to purchase them….I tried them on and the sizing varies big time.

You won’t want to miss this workout.  See you in the am ladies!


  1. Firecracker says:

    This sounds like a doozy! Thanks CP! See you there!

  2. Producer says:

    Good Morning!
    A group from Charlotte plans to join your Saturday workout. Can you please tell me where in Hanes Park we should look for you and any other information we might need??


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