Blakeney Burn – Pre Blast, my two favorites
November 8, 2018
50/20 Circuit
November 8, 2018

Louise BB: A return to bootcamp

  • When:
  • Q: Mainline and Stringbean
  • Pax: Aloha, Red Bird, BullDog, Mountain Mama, Sir Mix a Lot, Sista, Elsa, Spokes, Happy Camper, Savvy, Flash, Touche, Pearl, Double Mint, Batman, Firecracker, Wheels, Mainline (Q), Stringbean (Q)

Warm up: Partners
• Jax/cherry pickers (30 seconds each)
• Burpees/mountain climbers (30 seconds each)
• Toy soldiers/imperial walkers (30 seconds each)

Tha Thang:
3 circuits – 10 minute AMRAPs
Circuit one
• 10 dips
• 20 walking lunges
• 30 bicycles
• Run down and back to poles on basketball court.
Circuit two at AG basketball courts
• 10 push-ups (incline or regular)
• 20 step-ups
• 30 shoulder taps
• Side shuffle down and back court
Circuit three
• 10 lateral plank walks (5 “steps” in each direction)
• 20 squats (or jump squats)
• 20 plank toe touches
• 5 plank jack tuck jumps (in a plank, jack twice, then jump into a tuck jump. Repeat x5)

To close it out: While 4 girls run down and back at a time, everyone else does the exercise listed
• Squats
• Donkey kicks (each leg)
• Vertical toe touches

The skinny:
What a great turnout! Mainline and I have been seriously neglecting boot camps as we trained for the marathon, so I can imagine that some of you found this workout on the easier end of the spectrum, while my arms are definitely feeling it. Hopefully you all were able to push yourselves! I personally loved getting to work out with some of my favorite FiAs and meet some new ones! (I’m looking at you, Double Mint!)

Do you ever stop to really consider how fortunate we are to have FiA? Because I do. And today, I am extremely grateful. Just LOOK at the pax list. Such a great group of high-quality women. I am lucky to know you all.

Thanks for coming out today, and extra thanks to Mainline for asking me to co-Q then basically planning the whole workout. 🙂

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