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June 5, 2018
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June 5, 2018

Load The Buses

  • When: 06/05/2018
  • Q: Partly Cloudy
  • Pax: Chocolate Chip, Whole Coconut, Spirit, Pinterest, Wonder Woman, Straight Shooter, Partly Cloudy

Imagine my excitement when I pulled into the parking lot of The Den to find a school bus waiting for us!  I gave everyone the teaser that we were Loading The Buses this AM, so it was just perfect.  This workout is borrowed from my F3 other half, Misty, who lead his crew through this last week.

We stretched while I explained, then moseyed back behind the school to where the bus lanes are.  We completed a few more warm up stretches and windmills, then got to work.

The Thang: Loading The Buses

There are 27 big bus lanes that are numbered behind the school.  We started at 1 and ran all the way down to 27.  There we completed 27 narrow squats.  We ran back to bus lane #1 and completed 1 burpee.

Then we ran to bus lane 26 and completed 26 Push-Ups.  Back to 1 for a burpee.

We ran to bus lane 25 and completed 25 LBCs.  Back to 1 for a burpee.

We ran to bus lane 24 and completed 24 Arm Raises.  Then back to 1 for a burpee.

We kept descending through the bus lanes and cycled through our four exercises.  Always running back to #1 for a burpee between.

Essentially these are bus lane suicides with some exercises mixed in.  Chocolate Chip, Whole Coconut, and Spirit (yay – she came back!!!) killed it finishing first and keeping pace together.  Spirit took a lap around the parking lot while the rest of us finished up.  Straight Shooter completed some extra reps with Wonder Woman.  The rest of us ran through a Line of Fire doing calf raises on the curb while we each took turns doing 5 tuck jumps.

We walked the long way back to our cars and closed with some thoughts, reminders, and our COT.

It wound up being around 2 miles of running, with almost another mile from the mosey there and long way round walk back.  It was a tough workout, but a great way to start our Tuesday!

Whole Coconut and I have officially signed up for the GrowRuck Tennessee September 14-15, along with Thunderstruck, Chocolate Chip, and Wonder Woman.  We need 3 more sign ups to have enough numbers to lock in a second group/class.  See one of us for more info if you are interested!

It was another great Tuesday at the Den – thanks for coming out and keeping me motivated.  If anyone is interested in taking a Q, please let us know.  I love the challenge of coming up with a great new workout.  It is really fun.  But, I want to share that fun and have each of you experience it too!  We will help you if you want it.  😀

❤️, ⛅️

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