Sweaty BINGO
June 8, 2018
Training to failure! Anyone, anyone??
June 8, 2018

  • When: 06/08/2018
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Nine Pax joined me for what turned out to be a bit of a dirty morning. There is nothing like being in the grassy when it has been freshly cut, not bagged and it still wet from the dew. We are tough so we pushed through and got it done. Some of use may or may not have gotten a few bits of grass in our mouth. Cows eat grass. We eat beef/steak – same thing, right? Maybe no but great job by all. Welcome back to Change of Heart and a Happy Birthday to you as well.

Warm up –
We grabbed our belongings and headed over to the grassy area where the FiA baseball field was set up.
15 JJ CC then the rest of the below items on your own while I explained what was going on
Leg Swings – Front to back and side to side
Arm Circles
Michael Phelps

The Thang
Bases were set up like they would be for baseball. There were 3 innings. Each based had instrucstions for count and exercise for each inning as well as how to travel from base to base. Each inning was 9 minutes. All exercises, including the travel, were to be performed with weights. Modify as needed.

1st Base
1st inning – Weighted donkey kicks – 10 each leg
2nd inning – Lunge with upright row – 10 each leg
3rd inning – Surrender with overhead press – 5 each leg (I believe I heard someone say they hated these. I do as well so you are welcome :))
Travel to 2nd – Bear Crawl with weights

2nd Base
1st inning – Lat Raise to the front and side – 20
2nd inning – Weighted Jack – 15
3rd inning – Chest Fly and skull crusher – 20 (It was a good idea to keep your eyes and mouth closed for this one -unless you like grass)
Travel to 3rd – Side shuffle with weights

3rd Base
1st inning – Bicep Curls – 10 full range of motion, 10 bottom to half way, 10 half to top
2nd inning – Plank with tricep kickback – 10 (L/R = 1)
3rd inning – Overhead tricep extension – 20
Travel to home-Lunge with twist..with weights

Home – Run around the bases for each inning
Travel to 1st – Karaoke with weights

We finished up with 30-45 seconds of abs-all with weights
Modified Teacups
Figure 8s
Russian Twist
Weighted V
Toe Touch

Prayers and Praises
BB-Husband is officiating his first wedding ceremony today
Tony-Close family friend passed away

Enjoy your weekend ladies and thanks for joining me today!

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