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August 30, 2018
Track Beat Down with Strength Stations
August 30, 2018

  • When: 08/23/2018
  • Q: Bad Wolf
  • Pax: Hurricane, Ginger Spice, Ghirardelli, Solid Gold

This was my first solo Q, and our numbers were definitely a little smaller than they have been over the summer with back-to-school ramping up. I didn’t mind though- seeing FiA grow is awesome, but so is getting the opportunity to connect a little more one-on-one in smaller groups. That’s the great thing about FiA, no matter what is going on SOMEONE is always there and it’s always #bettertogether!



10 Jumping Jacks

30 secs:

Butt Kicks

High Knees

Arm Circles (Front)

Arm Circles (Back)


The thang:

Dora 1-2-3 (partners take turns with one completing reps while the other runs to a designated point and back, switch; reps added together between partners to reach the total goal)

100 Triceps

200 Squats

300 Shoulder Press


Tabata Rounds: 45 seconds per exercise, 15 second break in-between

Abdominal Hold

Rainbow Plank

Russian Twists

Flutter Kicks

Knee-In Twists

Side Plank x2 (each side)

Leg Lifts



Victory lap around The Loop per Solid Gold’s suggestion!


Cool-down with stretches & prayer requests

#BetterTogether #StrongerTogether @FiAENCGreenville

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