This and That and then some Burpees
May 9, 2018
Eye Contact + Monkey Humpers = Awkward
May 9, 2018

Legs For Days

  • When: 05/09/2018
  • Q: Fixer Upper
  • Pax: Passport, Gilligan, Drama Mama, Route 66, Fixer Upper, Chicken Leg, Premium, Hot Tamale, Free Falling

Today was all about legs! It’s always a little worrisome showing up with no mats or weights because you don’t know what’s in store but it was great! We used the track and did a little running with our exercises.




15 Arm Circles, Forward & Backwards IC

15 Seal Claps IC

15 Through the Tunnel

15 Toy Soldiers IC


The Thang:


Start at one of the light poles on the track. Run two light poles or run three light poles and then back to the second if you want to get a little more running in. We would all end up at the same spot to do the exercises.


25 Squats

25 Calf Raises

Run 2 poles

30 Side Lunges

30 Regular Lunges

Run 2 poles

25 Plie Squats with Calf Raises

25 Curtsy Lunges

Run 2 poles

30 Barre Legs (then switched to Monkey Humpers)

30 Split Lunges


Rinse and repeat as many times in 30 min. We repeated 2.5 times.


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