Legal and Branding

FiA Nation, LLC incorporation:

Many of you have heard that FiA Nation has recently been incorporated as an LLC. This is a very exciting step for FiA, and it adds a higher level of protection for each of us, from Board members to regional leaders to site Qs to workout Qs! But, it also renders the disclaimer all the more important at our workouts. Please understand that the LLC only protects you and your Qs when you operate under the basic tenants of FiA. Straying from our guidelines, branding, and so forth brings with it the risk of greater potential liability for you.

FiA Disclaimer and Safety:

I truly cannot emphasize enough the importance of the Disclaimer, to all of us. As you all know as regional leaders, the most important thing you can do to protect your site and your region is to emphasize the importance of the Disclaimer to every single Q. As a reminder, here is the link to the FiA Nation, LLC Disclaimer: Please make sure that your Qs are always hitting the high points of the Disclaimer, as follows:
We are not certified fitness instructors (even if someone is!).
You exercise at your own risk.
It is you against you.
You should go at your own pace and modify to your fitness level or level of comfort if necessary.

The Disclaimer is always important and must always be repeated, but even more so when there is an FNG in the crowd.

On a related note, FiA Nation has recently released an Inclement Weather Policy to provide clarity for our regional leaders as to when workouts should be cancelled due to inclement weather. Hopefully, we won’t need to reference this for a while now that spring is here!

FiA Branding/Gear:

We have had lots of new developments in branding and gear lately – and will have many new announcements coming soon on that front! As you all know, FiA now officially has a gear store, run by our gear and merchandise partner, MudGear. We are excited to finally be able to offer FiA merchandise in one store to all the regions, and hope to make additions to this store over time. Please review the revised 2015 FiA Nation, LLC Branding Guidelines. As always, please continue to submit any gear and merchandise requests to Wheels at Please submit any branding requests to me, at this address (this includes any request to use the FiA logo for advertising, marketing or branding). Please understand that gear sales support FiA Nation operations costs, thereby rendering gear sales very important to FiA’s continued sustenance and growth. Any dilution of the brand (via outside sales or otherwise) only hurts the Nation as a whole.

FiA Expansion:

We have seen the recent addition of FiA Florence, Kershaw and Summerville (all in SC) just over the past two months, thanks to the hard work of FiA Midlands leaders and the new leaders in those areas (welcome, Pusher, Ultra Mom and Lisa (name TBD)! As always, FiA Nation will continue to support growth and to partner with our regional leaders to expand with intention into new areas. I am in the process of updating our Expansion Guidelines and will circulate those to each of you in the coming weeks for your future use. Please continue to keep me in the loop with new regional interest and send me the contact information for all new regional leaders a least a month prior to their launch so that I may speak to them from the Nation side individually and introduce them to the Board. I am fielding new interest on a weekly basis at this point in time, and am sifting through these contacts to ensure that the interest is legitimate and workable. When I receive established and confirmed regional interest within driving distance of your region, I will continue to introduce you as the POC for the potential future leader and to support the growth from the Nation side. We appreciate all of the support you can lend within your region to continue to establish and grow new FiA regions!